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Words to live by

Adrian Simpson wanted to work from home and spend more time with his children. So the former TV presenter went into business as a wedding speech writer. He set up a basic website for 'All Speeches Great and Small' and began advertising through search. Within 31 days, he sold 31 speeches.

From everywhere to Schwäbisch Hall

The Hotel Scholl is a charming boutique hotel that’s been in the family for generations. With the help of online marketing, Christian Scholl can reach new customers, regardless of their location. And this success can be seen in the consistent growth of international clientele.

The French Exception exports

L’Exception is an online shop which showcases French designers. Using analytics tools, Maëva identified that international customers account for a significant portion of her website’s traffic. Helped by this insight, L'Exception will launch in Asia, the US and the UK in 2016. “E-commerce gives our designers an international platform. A creator can make jewelry in their studio in Paris and send them to Kuala Lumpur the next day. “ Maëva Bessis, Deputy Director General

The sweet smell of success

Chocolissimo was created in 2004 and sells a selection of chocolates online. They offer a wide range of products to chocolate lovers all over the world. Digital was the key to their expansion and now the company runs online stores in 5 European countries. "Internet without a doubt helped us to grow" - Adam Jankowiak, e-commerce manager